Winter has come and with it the cold weather. In the meantime, he forgot about it, that you should replace the heating tap or water tap, since it didn't work perfectly last year either, or you may want to design a thermal head, to equip. But it can happen, that the tap cannot be opened, or shut off after the start of the heating season. For example, dirt has entered the system.

That wouldn't be such a problem, like that, that Főtáv zrt. it only drains the heating water from the heating system, although nowadays at a pretty peppery price. The joint representation must also sign a document, in which you agree to drain the heating system, or not.

This is where the complication begins. The common representative does not always agree, for the inhabitants may also rebuke him if he does so, since there was no heating until then and there could have been enough time for, say, summer. Additional cost for heating, elsewhere the system may malfunction, just because of emptying… etc.!

But we are human and we can be wrong, however, the heating is inadequate, I don't like the radiator, and another is on sale right now, or you simply want to install another heating tap in an existing pressurized heating system, or simply the “just” hole in the radiator!

What can you do then??

In this case, pipe freezing may be considered! Pipe freezing can be used for drinking water pipes, when no main shut-off device is provided, or we have no steam on it, where it got its place.

You can also talk about pipe freezing when you want to replace the radiator or any radiator assembly in a pressurized system., without that, hogy leeresztenénk a vizet a rendszerből.

Benefits of tube freezing:

  • During pipe freezing, the heating in the other flats can run smoothly!
  • we can avoid further damage
  • quick and cheap solution
  • minimum current consumption
  • to avoid pipeline damage

When tube freezing cannot be used?

If the liquid flow cannot be blocked at least in that section, freezing is not possible!

What size tubes can we freeze?

3/8We can use the device between “-2” pipe sizes

Csőfagyasztás, fűtés csőfagyasztás, vízcsap, fűtéscsap, radiátor csere, nyomás alatti rendszerben!

Our equipment consumes little power and is up to date, one of the most suitable tube freezers!

Call me with confidence if there is a problem!

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