Everyone and I think you insist on Warranty Services. You want to, be sure of the quality of the product or service you are buying?

  • Perfect work is important to you?
  • You want to get over the problem once and for all?
  • It doesn't matter who you let into your apartment?

You definitely need to know this, how confident the contractor you are visiting is in himself and in the work he is doing!

Magyar Endre garanciális szolgáltatások

For the work we do 100% we guarantee!

  • Our services, they have different warranties for different periods of time.
  • A garancia idejét a szolgáltatás napjától számítjuk.
  • Warranty troubleshooting refers to the sewer section that is cleaned or inspected by us or the service or work we perform.!
  • During our work, we inform you about our experience gained during our work, thus on the integrity of the sewage network, then we will give you a guarantee for the service performed, or for troubleshooting.
  • Broken, damaged, we cannot provide a guarantee for a collapsed sewer.
  • Complaints are reviewed in all cases and based on a joint decision, if you need to, we can even investigate using another service.
  • In case of a legitimate complaint, the review is free of charge.
  • In the event of an unlawful complaint, the review work, billed as an hourly rate.
  • The warranty expires, if you use the service we provide incorrectly or improperly.

What to do if you feel like it, that you need to claim warranty service?

  • Just give me a call and tell me what the problem is.
  • Please indicate, when we visited you and what service we provided.
  • Get ready, that you can usually use the service no later than the next day, or warranty review.

For our services, up to several months, but there is an example of it, that we can give a one or two year warranty. When building a sewage network, we guarantee up to ten years for our work. We strive to do the job or service we do perfectly, for the accuracy of the workmanship and thorough work.

In case of warranty work, the owner does not even have to pay the disembarkation fee and the cost of fuel.

Perfect work and your satisfaction are important to us. For us, the best advertisement is your recognition, recommend it to your friends!

Not professionally designed, or executed, improperly fitted ductwork for damage during cleaning, we can NOT take responsibility!

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