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When a new channel is completed, the pipeline cannot be used after construction is complete, until the slope of the channel is checked. The channel pressure test must be subjected to, or its slope must be measured. The channel slope measurement is only developed for this purpose, can be done with a so-called self-propelled camera.

With self-propelled channel camera 160 mm pipe diameter can be measured up to 2000 mm-ig. The self-propelled cameras they work that way, that there is a pendulum in the four-wheeled camera, if the camera body is tilted forward, then the pendulum swings forward showing the central unit the given minus value, so the channel goes down. When the front of the camera body is facing up, then the pendulum swings backwards, shows the given plus value to the central unit, so the channel rises, or just the slope is not right. The camera prints the slope graph for that section on a graph using the signal from the pendulum, on which the slope of the section is shown as a percentage, and a protocol, as it appears:

– channel slope, or increase in parts per thousand, and in millimeters

– numbering of a given section, pl.: SZ1-0-1 (This is a sewer section numbering)

– mine numbers within a section, pl.: SZ14-SZ15 (14-and we go from mine to 15)

– the name of the customer

– where the test was performed (test title)

– who conducted the investigation

channel diameter in millimeters e.g.: 200 mm

– sewer material: kgpvc, concrete, you, eternite other

When measuring a channel slope, we are not just looking at the slope! In such cases, we also place great emphasis on examining the internal condition.

Important, that:

    • the sealing ring must not be twisted
    • the enclosure should slide well together
    • fracture, crack, indentation, whitening should not be visible!
    • cleaned, be a test-ready channel

A cleaning very important, for the self-propelled camera needs a clean surface for accurate measurement!

When the scan is complete, the video recording is on DVD, or flash drive, it will be handed over to the customer, printed together with the report and the slope diagram, who forwards it to the appropriate person. The competent one will analyze it, and make the decision. The channel is adequate or needs to be repaired.

If you need self-propelled camera channel slope measurement, feel free to call + 3670 / 7444-444, or write an email to [email protected] email address! We are available!

Csatorna lejtés mérés, csatorna vizsgálat önjáró kamerával2

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