What you need to know about camera channel scanning

With today's technology, we can examine sewers and pipelines from the inside out without it, to do any demolition work. We can examine it with a camera channel scan, the technical condition of the sewer network, this allows us to determine the life of our sewage network almost accurately.
The camera channel scan shows us exactly, what are the so-called blind connections to the pipeline underground, and the condition of the joints and joints.

Sewer inspection makes it easy to spot construction debris, an overgrown sense of frost at the joints and if the test pipeline is broken. The camera channel scan can be easily tracked on a small color monitor, which we also record if required, then the findings are supported by a channel imaging expertise. The date is clearly visible on the recording, the exact time as well as information about the stage being studied.
Our admission to the insurer is a piece of evidence to support the reality and legitimacy of your claim.!

We have a three-size fiber optic channel scanning camera:

1. The smallest:

17has a mm head and 15 meter length pipe section can be tested with it from 20mm to 50mm pipe diameter can be used, putting in the sink, sink, floor drain, hand wash, pisouar, the network of showers and other fittings with smaller sewers can be examined.

2. The medium:

40has a mm head 60 meters suitable for testing pipe sections. 70from mm to 160mm pipe diameter is already in the toilet, yard drain, rain drain, and the main ridge duct lines are examined.

3. The biggest:

55has a head diameter of 100 meters of pipe, can be examined with it. 160Apparatus for testing pipelines above 1 mm piping! With all three cameras, we can capture images in color and good sharp contrast! Our latest addition is a semi-automatic self-propelled sewer testing device, which we are very proud of!

Kamerás csatornavizsgálat

4. EBA self-propelled sewer camera:

Channel scan, with self-propelled camera. We accept 125mm-500mm diameter channel slope and crack testing of pipelines. We make perfect quality, sharp, high-contrast video of what you see, supported by a report prepared by the self-propelled channel inspection camera and printed on site and a graph of the slope angle measurement. The report is not only about the condition of the connections and the quality of any damage., but also contains its exact location to the nearest centimeter.

The head of the self-propelled channel inspection camera can be rotated, 360 sees the pipeline around at an angle of one degree, thus, the condition of the joints and any channel cracks are also clearly visible. 270 sees at a side angle, and backward inspection of the "T" and "Y" connections and of the side and top connections. With a rotating head and strong lights, underground hidden mines can be easily investigated, their position is easily measurable, thus, their exploration is also a much simpler task.

The 150m long cable of the device is sufficient for testing up to 300m of channel sections in case of two-sided inspection. To start the test, a cleaning opening 160 is sufficient, where the tractor can be inserted into the pipeline to be tested and the examination of the pipe section can begin, followed by a crack test combined with the slope level measurement..

Kamerás csatornavizsgálat

Our company was among the first, who was engaged in camera channel inspection.

Today we work with the most modern equipment. We can inspect residential and public sewage networks at the highest level with our camera sewer inspection tools.

The process of channel shooting

The channel camera is called a sucker, fiberglass integrated push rod, and if necessary, using a camera cart to push forward in the channel, in the pipelines on the section to be tested. Perfect illumination of the inside of the pipeline thanks to the camera's self-contained white light, thus it is clearly visible in the entire cross section. The problem is easy to spot and easy to recognize if the piping is faulty. Clearly visible, whether the slope and interlocking of the channel are appropriate.

With the help of a so-called meter counter, the exact distance can also be easily identified, thanks to the integrated input, you can also help us find the route. Only qualified personnel should work on the camera.
The camera channel test is a test that requires expertise, the channel camera is a great help in identifying the life of our channel.

If you need an experienced channel camera specialist, call us with confidence!


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