Guaranteed anti-clogging is the day 24 in his hour, also on holidays!

Why choose us??

Because our company 1988 class deals with mechanical unclogging. During this time, we have gained a lot of professional experience in the field of removing blockages, so there is no obstacle for us!

Any kind of blockage, you can count on us! Let it be WC, sink, sink, bathtub, shower, yard main line, drop wire or even from a strang wire, we always do our work with maximum professional dedication, to whatever 1 we guarantee a month!

Experience is important!

He knew, that you can do more harm with inadequate knowledge, as you use, which may cost more to fix, as a general anti-clogging? A anti-clogging not an easy task even then, if it seems so. Leave the work to our professionals, who know the solution to all blockage-related problems!

Clogging prevention using the most modern machines!

The anti-clogging function is spiral inside, cleaning with pipe ferret. Mechanical pipe ferret cleaning with machine spirals of several sizes, with pipe ferret, and we have the corresponding cleaning heads. We use a different type and size of unclogging device for each sanitary ware.

The womás anti-clogging 3 woma we do it by car, with which we can even fit into an underground garage. As for the equipment of the machines, the machines with anti-clogging pipe ferrets, and are equipped with multiple cameras for cleaning and inspection, with the help of which we can immediately draw your attention to possible errors, which caused the blockage.


Clearing blockages in the shortest possible time!

Unblocking in Budapest is usually done within an hour, but we don't rush or do quick work with anyone just for the sake of it, to get to as many places as possible, that's why we don't even advertise ourselves as an express service!

Where we do our work?

The fastest way to Budapest, and we arrive within the M0 ring road, but let's take on the work in settlements is, but based on a telephone consultation, we can even carry out work nationwide, we even went abroad several times!

Frequently asked questions

Anti-clogging is safe?2023-06-21T15:58:09+02:00

Blockage removal with WOMA technology does not involve the use of toxic or harmful substances, therefore, there is no danger to human health or the environment. WOMA is a special blockage removal technique, during which no chemicals are used. The WOMA system uses the power of high-pressure water to effectively remove blockages. The essence of technology, that they shoot water under extremely high pressure from the blockage Replace, Thus, they break the substances that cause blockages and remove them from the pipe.

This method has many advantages, and in many cases offers an effective solution. It is considered an environmentally friendly solution primarily because of the need to avoid working with chemicals. In addition, the WOMA Method of working with water under high pressure, which is highly effective in removing blockages. The force of the high-pressure water jet allows blockages to be effectively broken and moved out of the pipe, This way the system can work smoothly again.

Overall, it can be said, that WOMA blockage removal is an environmentally friendly and efficient solution, which does not use chemicals, Thus, there is no danger to persons and the environment. However, it is always advisable specialist ask for your help in choosing the most suitable method and solving the problem of blockages.

You need help? Contact me and my team at one of our contact details, guaranteed not to disappoint!

How much does the blockage removal cost??2020-07-24T15:23:58+02:00

It is not possible to determine the total amount in advance for unclogging work. Of course, we have so-called from-to prices for an average job. In the majority of cases, we fit within the amount limits found in the prices menu. If it is already visible at the time of departure, that the amount will be more than what was discussed, we will inform everyone before the work starts, thereby avoiding unpleasant situations.

The blockage can be prevented with a camera?2023-10-13T16:16:28+02:00

A camera channel inspection An effective way to assess the condition of your sewer system. With the help of a small camera, it is possible to inspect the inner part of the channels, This makes it easy to identify blockages, cracks or other problems.

If a problem is detected during camera inspection, The purpose of subsequent blockage removal is to, to eliminate the existing problem. This may be physical removal, For example, cleaning with water under high pressure or special devices, or even replacement of the affected section.

Thanks to these procedures, it is possible to quickly and efficiently deal with problems with the sewer system, minimizing the chance of damage. Camera channel inspection and anti-clogging Its combination helps regular maintenance and long-term trouble-free operation.

You need help? You have a question? Take it up with us relationship by calling 0670/744-4444, obsession Facebook on our site!

Important! We only make and keep a recording of the camera duct inspection in that case, if you need it! Please indicate your request in advance! We are unable to make the recording afterwards, just in case, if you order the service again!

Why can't we tell you the exact arrival time??2020-07-24T15:26:51+02:00

Every job in unblocking is different. There are no specific time intervals for specific errors! but if there were, we wouldn't deal with that either. Perfect working dictates our time!

They themselves are vaccinated against the infection?2020-07-24T15:30:01+02:00

Yes, we are vaccinated, with several types of vaccinations! We are also afraid of infection and do not want to carry it among our customers!

What is the warranty for the work done??2020-07-24T15:23:05+02:00

In all cases, we provide a full guarantee for our work! Again, it can happen to us too, that a job is not completely successful, we undertake this even after weeks, and we will get out as soon as possible, then we will correct the error! In most of these cases, we make a decision based on a camera inspection, if it is not a foreign object, or the condition of the channel causes the blockage. The repeated blockage in his case, the work is completely free of charge!

How long is the anti-clogging?2023-08-04T17:02:50+02:00

The duration of blockage removal depends significantly on the specific situation, from the severity of the clogged drain, and the procedure followed. In general, however, blockage removal is done quickly and efficiently, whereas no one wants to waste too much time on drains that are not working properly.

For simple blockages, caused, for example, by bathroom washbasins or toilets, The problem can often be solved relatively quickly. In this case, clogged drains can often be eliminated with home remedies or special cleaning products. This allows, to get the drains working normally again in a few minutes.

However, if the blockage is deeper in the sewer system, For example, the channel section or main channels, then troubleshooting may be more time-consuming. In this case, it may be necessary to involve specialists, who use special tools and techniques to blockage Removing. Specialists usually inspect the duct with a tear-free tube camera, then the blockage is removed by hydraulic or pneumatic means;.

All in all, it can be said, that in case of simple blockages, the problem can be fixed in a few minutes, while more complex blockages can take up to a few hours to resolve. Anyway, If you experience blockages in your home, It is worth acting as soon as possible, to avoid possible further damage and inconvenience. If you're unsure about the severity or resolution of the blockage, Get help from us, We are here for you every day of the year!

Others worked with the same machine, why didn't they succeed??2020-07-24T15:29:08+02:00

1988-I have been in the business since. I have seen many things and tried many things. Time has hardened and years of experience lead, when I work. I know the channel connections of the past and the present. I know, how master sewers thought in the past and now, and what materials they worked with.

The experience, which makes my/our job easier during work.

Because they prevent clogging?2023-09-01T11:51:46+02:00

There are many different types of clog removal machines, And each of them has its own advantages and areas of application. One of the well-known and effective machines is the WOMA system, which we are also working with. Below you will find some basic information about WOMA, and its benefits in blockage removal:

  1. WOMA: WOMA is a German company, dealing with high-pressure water jet technology. WOMA systems in different fields, For example, they can be used in industry and blockage removal. These machines are powerful, produce a high-pressure jet of water, which can be controlled using various adapters and nozzles.
  2. Benefits:
    • Efficiency: WOMA machines are highly efficient in blockage removal, whereas a jet of water under high pressure can forcefully break through dirt causing blockages, For example, fat, soap and other deposits.
    • Environmentally friendly: The waterjet technology used by WOMA systems is more environmentally friendly, whereas it is not necessary to use chemicals to remove blockages. This helps reduce the environmental impact.
    • Accuracy: WOMA machines can be precisely controlled, so the specialist You can easily reach the location of the blockage without it, that it would cause damage to surrounding pipes or fittings.
    • Versatility: WOMA systems can be customized with different adapters and nozzles to specific blockage according to its type and location.
  3. Areas of use: WOMA machines are widely used, including sewer cleaning, cleaning pipelines, cleaning heat exchangers, paint removal and many other industrial and professional applications.

Overall, machines such as WOMA with high-pressure water jet technology are efficient and environmentally friendly in terms of blockage removal, But it is always important to ensure, that they are used by qualified professionals, to avoid potential problems and damage.

You need a professional? Do not hesitate, Feel free to contact us our contact details on one of them, We are at your disposal for the day 24 in his hour!

How much does it cost to get out?2020-07-24T14:42:01+02:00

We do not have a disembarkation fee! This is what we strive for, that every customer is satisfied and we are also motivated by the challenge, even after others!


What's happening, if they cannot solve the problem?2020-07-24T15:25:40+02:00

The congestion, only if the channel is broken, or if the wire is connected improperly, then it cannot be avoided. If we can't clear the blockage, then we recommend someone from our many friends, who is best suited for the given job. They are dismantled if necessary, or even a cleaning opening is built in for further work.

The unclogging machine does not destroy the channel?2023-06-08T21:40:33+02:00

Unclogging can be a common problem for many homeowners, and choosing the right tools and techniques is extremely important for an effective and safe solution. One reliable solution for unclogging is the use of WOMA unclogging machines. These machines have many safety features and beneficial features, which enable effective blockage prevention in a wide variety of situations. But what are those factors?, which make WOMA safe?

  1. The first and perhaps most important advantage is WOMA anti-clogging safety for machines. These machines use high-pressure water jets to remove blockages, which means an effective and gentle solution. A WOMA machines are of excellent quality, and they follow strict safety standards during their development. Modern technology and durable materials ensure the reliability and longevity of the machines.
  2. In addition, WOMA anti-clogging machines have built-in protection systems, which minimize the risk of accidents. For example, the machines are usually equipped with automatic pressure control, which prevents overpressurization and unexpected explosions. They are also equipped with a protective cover, which prevents the water jet from escaping and protects the operator from injury.
  3. WOMA unblocking machines provide a high degree of portability and maneuverability. Their light weight and compact design allow easy transport of the machines and easy access to the areas you want to reach. This is extremely beneficial in places like, where you have to work in a confined space, for example in bathrooms or kitchens.

It fits everywhere

WOMA unclogging machines can be widely used to eliminate various types of blockages. Whether it's contamination, about fat, paper or other materials, these machines cope with them effectively. The high-pressure water jet helps to unclog and clear the blockage without it, to damage the pipes or surrounding surfaces.

An environmentally friendly solution

Important to mention, that WOMA unclogging machines offer an environmentally friendly solution. Water is the main resource, which these machines use, so there is no need to worry about the use of chemicals or toxic substances. This not only protects the environment, but also has a positive effect on our health.

In summary, WOMA unclogging machines are an excellent choice for unclogging due to their outstanding safety features and efficiency.. They are easy to use, they are reliable and effective in removing various types of blockages. By using WOMA machines, unblocking can be done quickly and safely, minimizing the risk of damage and accidents.

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