Guaranteed anti-clogging is the day 24 in an hour, also on holidays!

Why choose us?

Because our company 1988 watch deals with machine anti-clogging. During this time, we have gained extensive professional experience in the field of clogging, so there is no obstacle for us!

Any kind of blockage, you can count on us! Let it be WC, sink, sink, bathtub, shower, courtyard main line, drop wire or even from a strang wire, we always do our work with maximum professional dedication, to which even 1 We offer a one month warranty!

Experience is important!

He knew, that you can do more harm with inadequate knowledge, as you use, which may cost more to fix, as a general anti-clogging? A clogging not an easy task even then, if it appears. Leave the work to our professionals, who know the solution to all blockage-related problems!

Clogging prevention using the most modern machines!

The anti-clogging indoors is spiral, performed by ferret cleaning. Machine ferret cleaning to perform with several sizes of machine spiral, with ferret, and have cleaning heads for it. We use different types and sizes of anti-clogging devices for all sanitary ware.

The womás anti-clogging 3 woma we do it by car, with which we can even fit into an underground garage. As for the equipment of the machines, the machines with anti-clogging pipe ferrets, and are equipped with multiple cameras for cleaning and inspection, which allows us to immediately alert you to any errors, which caused the blockage.

Clearing blockages in the shortest possible time!

Unblocking in Budapest is usually done within an hour, but no one is in a hurry or doing a quick job just for it, to get to as many places as possible, therefore, we do not even advertise ourselves as an express service!

Where we do our work?

The fastest way to Budapest, and we arrive within the M0 ring road, but let's take on the work in settlements is, but based on telephone consultation, we even do work nationwide, we even visited abroad several times!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't we tell you the exact arrival?2020-07-24T15:26:51+02:00

Every job in clogging is different. There are no specific time intervals for specific errors! but if it were, we wouldn't deal with that either. Perfect work dictates time to us!

The anti-clogging machine does not damage the duct?2020-07-24T15:27:55+02:00

These machines are designed for this, from, if I’m not sure about the perfection of a tool, then I will transform it, so to speak, I customize, I shape it to my liking, I shape it. In many cases, we achieve great success with these tools.

How much does anti-clogging cost?2020-07-24T15:23:58+02:00

The final amount cannot be determined in advance for the anti-clogging work. Of course, we have so-called from-to-prices for an average job. In most cases, we also fit into the limits in the prices menu. If foreseeable at disembarkation, that the amount will be more than agreed, it will be communicated to everyone before work begins, thus avoiding unpleasant situations.

You need help?

Find with confidence a +3670/7444-444-and telephone number, or the [email protected] email address, even on holidays!

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