We have decades of experience in the field of wells. We are a great success, And much has already been achieved in freeing the jammed pumps from drilled wells. However, there are cases, when it is no longer possible to save our well, because it wasn't drilled well, or just broke due to an earth movement, God forbid someone threw an object into it (even malice), What can no longer be removed.

In these cases, unfortunately, another well has to be drilled.

What the customer usually wants:

  • The well should be cheap, but have good water-carrying ability!
  • "Grey is good for me, better case is orange PVC from sewer pipe also the well, because the neighbor has it too, and it works!"
  • "Enough, if there is only one metre of water column because the garden is small."

I could go on and on, In such cases, unfortunately, it is not possible to make a good well, Therefore, we do not undertake them! Our slogan in every case, the good or nothing!

What we undertake:

Kútfúrás, kútfúró

Well abandoned by other professionals not sure, how we can undertake, But we will examine and discuss the On-premises After survey!

Our self-propelled well boring machine is narrow, not very tall and relatively short, However, it is a very massive industrial powerhouse. For this reason, we can even approach the drilling site of the well through a loophole. We do not always carry out on-site inspections, There are cases when we can decide from a couple of photos, what can and cannot be done in a given place. In any case, the well drilling machine remains on site until drilling is completed, This must be taken into account. The machine is not loud, normal diesel, so it does not interfere with the peace of the neighbors, However, drilling does not stop even in the event of a power outage!

There are cases when one or two mud pits need to be constructed to accommodate the sediment formed by drilling;.

If you cannot provide this yourself, We create this at a reasonable price with the help of a small grabber, so you don't have to worry about that. After drilling, most of the landscaping is done with the help of a small Bobcat earthmoving machine.

After drilling, If required, we install a suitable pump, which we procure tailored to your needs, or we'll tell you what pump you should get;! If we cannot undertake the installation of the pump, you will have a guaranteed by us specialist We can offer your help, Who we trust.

What you need to take care of for drilling, Unfortunately, it is no different from what he called us for, water. This can be done from next door, or to bring it by a lousy carriage, possibly catching rainwater in some way. We don't know in advance how much water to bring, It can be 1-2 cubic meters, but it can be much more;. It depends on the drilling layer order, and soil structure.

If more than one Information desire, Call with confidence at +3670/7444-444-and phone number!