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If the drain is clogged, does not work properly

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Annual, seasonal work, repair of transfer pumps

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Camera channel inspection

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Sewer route detection, street connection measurement

Tube freezing

Installation of radiator shut-off valves, also by freezing during the heating season

Sewer odor is spreading?

Locating a sewer odor leak, permanent termination

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Clogging even with immediate disembarkation in Budapest, and near the M0 ring road. If needed, nationwide!

Womás Sewer Cleaning

Womás sewer cleaning, sewerage network maintenance, also in the basement of the cellars!

Channel shooting

Camera channel inspection, 32mm-es csőmérettől, to industrial sizes. Inside and outside the apartment!

Trail search

Nem tudja merre fut a channel a kertben, or where to leave the building?

Well shooting

The well does not provide enough water? Curious about the status of the filter? He's stuck, the pump may be broken? Do not stretch it under any circumstances!!!

Self-propelled camera slope measurement

Measuring channel slope, slope diagram, video recording, minutes immediately on site!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does anti-clogging cost?2020-07-24T15:23:58+02:00

The final amount cannot be determined in advance for the anti-clogging work. Of course, we have so-called from-to-prices for an average job. In most cases, we also fit into the limits in the prices menu. If foreseeable at disembarkation, that the amount will be more than agreed, it will be communicated to everyone before work begins, thus avoiding unpleasant situations.

How long is the anti-clogging?2020-07-24T15:20:46+02:00

The anti-clogging time cannot be determined. To that, to make everyone happy, perfect work to be done. It could be 20 minutes, or even several hours. Never, it cannot go to the detriment of any customer, if we have a lot of daily work, customer satisfaction is important to us!

Because they clear the blockage?2020-07-24T15:24:50+02:00

In all cases, the blockage is removed by machine. Only with exclusive machine cleaning can a perfect job be done in this profession!

Others worked on the same machine, why they failed?2020-07-24T15:29:08+02:00

1988-I have been in the business since. I’ve seen a lot of things before and tried a lot of things. Time is hardened and years of experience lead, when I work. I know the channel connections of the past and present. I know, that the sewer masters thought long ago and now, and what materials they worked with.

The experience, which makes my job / work easier while working.

How much does it cost to get off?2020-07-24T14:42:01+02:00

We do not have a disembarkation fee! That is what we are trying to do, to keep all customers happy and the challenge heats us up too, even after others!


They themselves have been vaccinated against the infection?2020-07-24T15:30:01+02:00

Yes, we are vaccinated, with several types of vaccinations! We are also afraid of infection and do not want to carry it among our customers!

What's happening, if they cannot solve the problem?2020-07-24T15:25:40+02:00

The blockage, only if the channel is broken, or if the cord is improperly connected, then it cannot be eliminated. If we can't clear the blockage, then we recommend someone from our many acquaintances, who is best suited for the job. They are dismantled if necessary, or even a cleaning opening is installed for further work.

Anti-clogging is safe?2020-07-24T15:21:35+02:00

Clogging is not dangerous. We do not use toxic chemicals, not even chemicals. Chemicals are left to home practices. We only deal with machine cleaning, which does not pose any danger!

Why can't we tell you the exact arrival?2020-07-24T15:26:51+02:00

Every job in clogging is different. There are no specific time intervals for specific errors! but if it were, we wouldn't deal with that either. Perfect work dictates time to us!

What is the guarantee for the work done?2020-07-24T15:23:05+02:00

In all cases, we offer a full guarantee for our work! Again, it can happen to us too, that a job fails completely, we will continue to do so after weeks, and we will get out as soon as possible, then the error is corrected! In most of these cases, we make a decision based on a camera examination, provided it is not a foreign object, or the condition of the channel is causing the blockage. In case of re-clogging, the work is completely free of charge!

The anti-clogging machine does not damage the duct?2020-07-24T15:27:55+02:00

These machines are designed for this, from, if I’m not sure about the perfection of a tool, then I will transform it, so to speak, I customize, I shape it to my liking, I shape it. In many cases, we achieve great success with these tools.

The camera can be used to clear the blockage?2020-07-24T14:56:14+02:00

The duct inspection camera is not a clogging device, we see nothing in polluted water. In all cases, the blockage must be removed, then only then can it be examined, what caused the problem!

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  • Avatar Bernadett Burkus ★★★★★ last week
    It's weird recently, there was a bubbling sound in the toilet and … More to the tub when we lowered and then noticed, to get the sewage up in the yard. It turned out, that the sewage pump overrides the fuse. Within a few hours after a telephone consultation, he arrived at the scene and rectified the error. The head of a sink brush got stuck in the pump, which we poured into the toilet with dirty water during one of our cleanings.. The shaft and pump were also cleaned nicely. Thank you very much for the fast, effective help.
    From now on, we will pay even more attention.
  • Avatar Zoltan Lukoczki ★★★★★ last week
    Profi, helpful, as soon as he could call back and phone … More through was able to solve the problem based on a photo.
    Thank you very much for your help.
  • Avatar Péter Farkas ★★★★★ for a month
    Our sewage pump surrendered on Sunday morning, … More everything was flooded with “material”, I was forced to start the remediation myself (a lawyer understands everything!). I asked for phone help, and the Master provided professional assistance based on photographs. Order was soon restored! Thanks for the powerful remote help on Sunday morning!
  • Avatar Hajnalka Vámos Károlyné ★★★★★ last week
    Nagyon segítőkész, lányoméknak gyorsan segített ☺️ … More köszönjük szépen 🥰

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