Clogging usually goes unnoticed and causes the most inconvenience in the worst moments. In addition to households, regular maintenance is even more necessary in public kitchens and restaurants. By cleaning and degreasing the drain, you can easily prevent problems.

What can cause greasing in the sewer?

A number of factors can be responsible for greasing and clogging the duct. In kitchens, oily food scraps and cold water sinks are the biggest dangers in kitchens.. In addition, faulty structural solutions can increase the risks, such as a poorly chosen slope angle or an unreasonably small one, or large pipe diameter.

The resulting material has a characteristic grayish-white hue, its consistency, however, varies widely. It can be oily to the touch, possibly soap-like, but it can even take on a firmer shape. The gypsum hardness deposit already requires serious intervention. In addition to fats, this substance may contain various chemicals, which can greatly influence its structure.

How to degrease the sewer?

In contrast to long-standing greasy blockages, homemade solutions are worth nothing, therefore, the assistance of a specialist must be sought. Cleaning can be done using several methods. That, which of these is the most expedient, it is determined by the compactness of the deposited dirt and the material of the piping system. For this reason, camera channel inspection is extremely important in all cases. This gives the specialist an accurate picture of the current state of the canal and what tools are needed to do the job.

The very soft, an almost plastic material can be removed relatively easily using a high-pressure cleaner. Az ettől kissé keményebb lerakódáshoz azonban már woma gép használata szükséges. It can happen, that the wash should be repeated several times in succession, this can make the pipe clean again. Hard-textured impurities are only mechanical spirals, and woma can be detonated by using a sewer cleaning machine together. Because you have to apply a lot of force to do this, routine and professional experience are essential to maintain the integrity of the pipes.

Iron pipes are worse in terms of their material, as fattening alone can trigger severe rot. At the end of this, the pipe can puncture without any intervention. Properties of plastic PVC pipes, that they may harden in the ground, this makes it easier to break. Concrete and eternite pipes are slightly more durable, however, due to their uneven inner surface, they can become greasy quickly. In terms of cleanability, KG PVC, and GEBERIT are well-washable pipes.

At the end of the operation, it is safe to repeat the camera, so that the specialist can be convinced of the effectiveness of the work.

How to prevent channel greasing?

There are two effective methods of prevention, one is regular maintenance, the other is the use of kitchen grease traps. The installation of a grease trap is mainly recommended in larger catering units, but of course it can also be used in households. This structure is practically a tank, which separates wastewater based on specific gravity. The oily layers float to the top of the tank, while food scraps sink. The grease trap will not let you, to get greasy sewage into the sewer, that is, it prevents greasing. It also keeps food scraps away. But for that, for the device to work well, the tank also needs to be cleaned at certain intervals.

How can we help?

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