Clogging can occur almost anywhere and anytime, be it the kitchen and the bathroom, or even from our garden. Most of the blockages in the garden are blockages discovered in the rainwater drainage system.. Clogging in the precipitation drainage system can also be distinguished. The most common case is, when in the open section under the roof, azaz az ereszcsatornán keletkezik a clogging. In our blog post today, we explore the causes of gutter blockages, dangers and we also give some advice on prevention.

What causes the blockage?

Gutter clogging in most cases is no different, like dust carried by the wind, moss settled there, leaves falling from trees, as well as caused by tiles. The other common reason, what we often encounter is, that the rain gutter is not connected to its own clarifier, but to the public network. Irregular knitting is a huge headache later on, and can mean tens of thousands of forints to its owners.

What are the signs of clogging?

Gutter clogging is one of the most difficult to detect clogging species, for less clogging is noticeable only during rain. This is a sign of clogging, that rainwater is not flowing properly through the channel, therefore the walls of our house are soaked.

Why it's dangerous?

As mentioned in the previous point, the worst outcome of gutter clogging is soaking the walls of our home, which is a very dangerous thing, since the wet wall is the hotbed of such fungi, sample mold, what we know, that it has a bad effect on our body. A soaking another fatal consequence is the collapse of the walls of the house.

How to avoid it?

As with any clogging, here, too, we must strive for prevention. The most effective method of prevention, that the crown of the tree next to our gutter is not allowed to grow towards the roof, thereby reducing the number of leaves falling into the channel. In case, if this is not possible, buy a so-called rain gutter basket, which catches falling pots and leaves, which do not flush into the sewer system. In addition to these preventive measures, we try regularly, to clean our sewers by hand. In case of small blockages, we can use home practices, for example, to flush the gutter with the help of a hose and an open drainage system. Another useful item, which we can try, in the larger stores, or a ferret that can be purchased at a DIY store, which can be used even in the case of a blockage detected in the vertical section.

If the blockage hits your head at a stage, which is unattainable for us, or located below the ground, then it is definitely worth calling on a qualified person for help, for it can be a huge headache for even the most professional!

These would have been my advice on clogging the gutter. do not forget, if you need expert help, or just for a quick maintenance, feel free to call + 3620 / 318-1614 at any time of the day, or send mail to [email protected] email address! I am curious about my other anti-clogging articles? My website blog You will find everything under the menu item!

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