Us, Water and water use are an integral part of our daily lives for people in Europe. You can get clean drinking water at any time, whenever we feel like it, however, this is not the case everywhere in the world, there is still a shortage of drinking water in many places today. As we know, only two percent of our planet's water supply is potable, and it is also running out fast. She's scared, that 15 that period may occur after one year, when two-thirds of the world's population will not have access to clean drinking water, therefore it is very important, so as not to waste water, because while for us it is natural, worth treasure to another.

One family of four per year 120 you can also use cubic meters of water, which all performs as wastewater a in the sewer, therefore not only for environmental reasons, but also in terms of savings, when and how much water we use!

If you are curious, how to use wastewater most efficiently, stay with us!

What is black and gray water?

Used in household and industry sewage can be divided into two groups: we can distinguish between gray waters and black waters. The difference is due to the nature of the dirt. Feketevizeknek nevezzük a WC öblítésekor keletkezett vizet, which is full of bacteria, so it cannot be reused. Wastewater from washing dishes is also often classified as black water, as it also contains organic matter, bacteria due to food scraps.

The gray water, on the other hand, is from washing, from bathing, comes from bathing, oils, fat, contains soap residue, so it can be recycled with proper storage and handling, but not drinkable. Szürke szennyvíznek minősül az összegyűjtött esővíz is, which is also contaminated, however, to a much lesser extent than domestic wastewater, so it can be used without cleaning.


Use of gray water?

Mint, as we wrote above, it is possible to use gray water, but before using it, we need to consider several aspects. We need to look at the composition of the wastewater, how much oil it contains, soap residue, grease and paint residues.

tip: If you want to use gray water consciously, for example for watering plants, use cosmetics made from natural ingredients, cleaning products, dishwashing liquid, which does not harm the plants!

Storage of gray water

Important, to collect the gray water separately, filtered, stored, and disinfect! If you do not have a gray water storage system, then use it in time (24 within an hour), as the growth of bacteria in the gray sewage can increase the risk of infection!

It is also worth considering the capacity of the sewage collection system, as a large reduction in wastewater can lead to such problems, sample clogging. Let's make sure, that there is enough sewage in it for proper operation!

These would have been our tips for efficient use of wastewater, if you want to know more about wastewater and the BIO wastewater treatment plant, then click on our previous series of articles, from which you can find out the answers to your questions!

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