We can talk about two perspectives. First, how to prevent clogging, on the other hand, what help and tips we can provide in removing the blockage. Let's not despair, then, nor if you have repeatedly tried to clear the blockage at home, for there are also cases when home practice is no longer enough. By implication, in the case of a serious strang or spine tube, already an anti-clogging machine, or a specialist may be required. Let's see: Egy-egy szakaszon elzsírosodott channel, or even a kitchen pipeline, with a courtyard rooted canal section, how we would prosper ourselves. However, for significantly smaller blockages, like the sink, bathtub sink, WC, in which case we can even start ourselves.

Advice and assistance to avoid clogging to prevent clogging:

Do not throw a butt towel into the toilet, or larger leftovers, tampon. That's what the trash in our home is for. Negyedévente tanácsolt a mosdó és a mosogató drain csövét leszerelni majd teljesen kipucolni valamelyik házi praktikával. It is not advisable to use a traditional toilet fragrance, because the fast-flowing jet of water easily washes away the small tab from the edge of the cup so it certainly guarantees clogging. If possible, use a self-adhesive disc, or simply adjust the small tab using a gas heater, so that it cannot swell. The washing machine, tub, or washbasin, pour into the drain system approx. 2 vinegar every month, which is rinsed with a pot of hot water. Use a small-hole plastic filter, for bathing a small animal in the tub. However, the use of a plastic filter when washing dishes is not recommended, mivel a szűrő nagymértékben gátolja a víz folyását így a water pipe öntisztító készségét. Instead, use a paper towel to wipe off most of the food residue.

Advice and assistance in the event of a blockage that has already occurred at home:

Here, I would not go into these proper lines for proper remedies for clogging in the kitchen, such as: vinegar, baking soda, etc.. treatment, since, if it is a slightly larger blockage, then unfortunately they are not worth too much. Not to mention that they are also harmful to our environment and our health, such as (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hypo) nor to apply. We prefer to give you some ideas, which, others say they are actually used for smaller blockages as well.

Hand wash and sink: Pumpa használata nem ajánlott, as it can compress the blockage so much, that even the anti-clogging device can fail. First, unscrew the siphon and then drain the drain pipe, if there was no blockage at this stage, can move on. A manual ferret is used to remove the blockage in the wall, pushed back and forth, rotated left and right, if we are lucky there will be a blockage nearby. In case, if that doesn't happen, we always have two options.

Otthoni tanácsok és praktikák dugulás esetében

We can even use our favorite water cleaning machine. We won't need anything else, like the intake manifold. Remove the cleaning head and press the tube firmly against the hole in the wall, completely covering the wall protrusion, then start the machine to create a vacuum. By loosening the tube from time to time, you can add a little false air to the system, causing pulsation, we can get more results.

Toilet Clogs: In this case, improper use of the butt wipe is the main cause of most problems.

Otthoni tanácsok és praktikák dugulás esetében

Toilet clogging is caused in most cases by a lot of butt wipes:

Otthoni tanácsok és praktikák dugulás esetében

Which is perhaps not to be said, first try a good old toilet pump. If not, or we are just not getting results, then the mop can come, yes the mop. Wrap the mop head in a nylon bag, then use the long shank or handle to blast the system. If only excessive toilet paper use was the problem, success is guaranteed! But also, then seek professional help with anti-clogging.

Sink and handwashing clogging removal:

Not sure, that a toilet pump would be the best solution here. The fat is compressed and the problem can be much bigger, as in reality. As always, even now we start with siphon cleaning for the first time. Only then should we move on, if there was no problem here. In case of clogging of pipes placed in the wall, the ferret can do good service. Always pay attention when using a ferret, so that the ferret does not get stuck. Always move forward and backward, while scrolling left and right. We can save ourselves a lot of annoyance, if we work comfortably and meticulously! If we have not achieved anti-clogging success with this solution, we will be able to use the water vacuum cleaner here as well., or the cleaning machine. The sewer will not be clean, but it will definitely work for a while, if you can solve the blockage with it.

Greasy pipelines are already starting to deposit a lot of dirt!

Otthoni tanácsok és praktikák dugulás esetében

Fürdőkád és zuhanytálca clogging: Óvakodjunk a szétszedésnél mert könnyen széteshet. First of all, here’s a thin screwdriver or wire, possibly use tweezers to remove the benefit of hairs and hairs. Remove the shower rose and use the tube to wash the drain with a jet of water. Pretty good results can also be achieved with this anti-clogging practice. Floor drain clogging removal: Mindenek előtt szedjük szét a padlóösszefolyónkat és langyos vízben mossuk át az alkatrészeket. Then there can come the manual work. Take out the collected sediment, sand, hairs, soap, tiles, but be careful because you can often find razor blades and similar pieces of sharps and cutters here. This can be followed by spiral cleaning as mentioned above (I wrote about it for anti-clogging sink and handwashing). If we have not solved the blockage, the hose may come or if it gets there, the shower hose will do the same.. Wrap it around with a mop and close the tap and then open the tap, we can try to solve the blockage.

Dirt in the floor drain:

Otthoni tanácsok és praktikák dugulás esetében

I hope, that I helped solve the blockage with these few practices!

If you do not want to solve this work yourself, then give us a call and we will be happy to help!

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