When on the street sewer is done, the current civil engineering company, if the customer has ordered the channel branch to the plot boundary. The work is checked by a camera test, if everything is OK, they take over.

The position of the connection is also marked on the channel plan map, their exact position is indicated.

Unfortunately, in many cases, this channel section may or may not be located on the map, or does not run into the plot boundary, but there are cases, when it is not built up for some reason, even the so-called mustache bandage will not be formed, then closed.

Csatornabekötés keresés

In this case, you need a channel apply connection search. By searching for the channel connection, we can find out the real position of the channel connection. For this purpose, the swivel head cameras the most suitable. Not only can they specify the exact size, but they are also capable, that by looking into the connecting branch, show exactly the length of the connecting pipe, or, whether the line will start toward the site. A sewage the exact position of the canal is also very important when designing houses to be built. Not all the same, to what route the canal will be routed. In many cases, they already call, if they dig unnecessarily for days, thus weakening the plot boundary.

It is advisable to make sure of the exact position of the duct connection before starting construction, so as not to give anyone an unpleasant surprise!

Our company has decades of experience in duct wiring, and its search!

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