A down the drain not only can household waste be hazardous to the environment, but they can also cause serious damage to the sewer system. Yet with some social attention, we could make it easier to operate wastewater treatment plants, and we could avoid material losses. We just have to pay attention to that, what we pour into the toilet bowl and sink.

Experiences of professionals

Although most foreign objects, which has entered the system, does not survive encountering the pump, there may be cases, when the machine cannot withstand the contaminants and breaks down. According to experts, this phenomenon is most often thrown into the toilet, caused by insoluble wet wipes. It's teamed up, long strips of cloth are then wound on the lifting device.

Similarly, it is of animal origin, organic waste also causes many problems. The intestines from the cuts may get stuck in the pump and the strenuous machine will not be able to transmit them sewage treatment plant to other units. The cost of repairing pumps can be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.

Curiosity, that workers in sewage treatment plants, they had come across a lot of strange objects in the course of their work. In addition to the carcasses of pets, jewelery and money were found in the rubbish that did not pass through the bars.. Today, most of them end up in landfills due to automation.

What not to throw in the toilet?

After the wet wipes mentioned above, the flushing of various feminine cleansing products should also be avoided. Many people do not just make deposits, but their packaging is also thrown down the drain, which can even lead to congestion within the household. In addition, these materials are extremely polluting, the plastic particles from them can be returned to living waters.

Sewage tests revealed this, that part of the population is getting rid of drugs that are no longer needed through the drains. Their remains are very difficult to remove from the sewage. It should be especially considered then, in the case of the removal from the toilet of preparations which are extremely dangerous to wildlife. Likewise, excessive use of highly corrosive cleaning agents on drains is not recommended.

What objects can quickly clog in the toilet?

A toilet the operation of the drain can be understood relatively quickly. The cup is the so-called. can be connected to that drain by means of a planting rubber, amin keresztül a szennyvíz a channel irányába távozik. Usually at this point, larger alien objects cannot move on, így a legtöbb clogging bontás nélkül orvosolható. The drain can stand behind the cup, vagy az alatt is. Ez a csésze vásárlásakor fontos szempont, for it does not matter, whether to choose a rear or bottom flow product.

The factors responsible for clogging the toilet sometimes surprise even the most experienced professionals. If you want to avoid annoyances, under no circumstances should the following materials be drained down the toilet:

  • Used oil and grease: Households produce a lot of used fat every year. However, the oil poured into the drain cools the coating on the wall of the pipes, and may lead to clogging after a while.
  • Tufts of hair: As in the bathtub, we try to use filters to prevent the tufts of hair from draining, even in the toilets, it is not worth removing the fibers from the hairbrushes.
  • Cat litter: Due to its texture, cat litter is also not suitable for the toilet drain. Undissolved litter can clog the pipes in a short time.

You would need a reliable professional?

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