Sewer cleaning in Érd

We can rightly consider Érd the southern gate of our capital. Not far from Budapest 10 kilometer area of ​​the settlement, and its population also rivals the medium-sized districts of the capital. There are various buildings in the city with county rights, thus, sewer cleaners face many challenges. Especially because, mert a város területének nagy részén ma is foghíjas a csatornával való ellátottság.

From a resort to a city with county rights

Pretty much 50 A thousand years ago, traces of human life can already be found in Érd. Some of the finds discovered by archaeologists can be seen today in the famous Hungarian Geographical Museum in the city. The first documented mention of the settlement in 13. century. Although at that time they only lived in the Old Town, but in the coming century, both its area and population expanded. However, during the Turkish subjugation - due to its location near the border - the city was almost completely depopulated, the reconstruction of the settlement is only a 18. may have started in the century.

After the creation of the united Budapest in 1873, the development of the city of Érd accelerated. Partly the relatively cheap land prices, partly because of the favorable access to nearby workplaces, residents came here from many parts of the country. Until initially as a resort, until the 20. by the middle of the 20th century, the settlement, which swelled to tens of thousands of people, was already "known as the largest village in Central Europe".

Due to the dynamic development of the city in the sixties 11 divided into districts, which division remained until the 2000s. Nowadays, however, it is no longer about the district number, but rather about the names of the neighborhoods (pl. Old village, Park City etc.) can be identified, hogy a város melyik részén is járunk.

Toothless sewerage - developing wastewater treatment

It is typical of the entire city of Érd, that the settlement has diverse buildings. While in the center of the city there is also a housing estate consisting of ten-storey panel houses, until then, the eastern districts are dominated by single-story family houses. This is why our experts are primarily used for problems typical of garden houses, (pl. root growth removal, digestion pit sniffing etc.) they used to call it. Especially because, because in the outskirts of the settlement, the sewerage system is lacking. Van, where there are whole streets with piped drinking water, or without regular sewage drainage.

Nowadays, it is one of Érd's biggest problems: the city's low level of sewerage. According to the data, only every fourth apartment in the settlement has a sewer network. A 23 with a percentage of canalization ratio of Érd, to the surrounding settlements (Nutty, Tarnok) is the worst in comparison, while it has the largest population of the three cities.

Although the waste water collection plant in Érd receives the waste water of the mentioned three settlements, however, the poor technical condition of the currently operating collection network appears as an additional problem.

All of this can cause problems especially during rainy periods. In this case, a large amount of precipitation, and waste water arrives from the areas of the mentioned settlements. Since the amount of precipitation fluctuates between extreme limits, therefore, currently, the treatment of incoming wastewater sometimes causes operational problems.

The Érdi Csatornamů Water Management Company is therefore planning to expand the current wastewater treatment plant. According to plans, the wastewater plant will be built in several stages, the finished building will be integrated into the unified system. After the development, the total area of ​​the sewage plant is approx 35000 m2 lesz.

Successful sewer cleaning service throughout the Érd area!

Our company offers efficient sewer cleaning services in Érd for everyone, in the capital city, as well as the surrounding area, sort of 40 in an agglomeration settlement. Once the contact is made, our colleagues on average 30-60 they arrive at the scene within minutes, to begin the channel performance of tasks related to cleaning. In all cases, our specialists have fair rates, they work with pre-agreed prices, from which they deviate only in that case, if an important circumstance during work - e.g. a wall must be demolished - it will change.

If you had this kind of problem, we look forward to your inquiry on our website or by phone!

Drain problems: Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a greasy drain?2023-05-24T09:27:47+02:00

Cleaning greased drains often involves the use of degreasing agents, to remove grease and oil from the drain wall. Using hot water can also help dissolve the grease and make it easier to drain.

How to clean a clogged drain at home?2023-05-24T09:27:00+02:00

Cleaning clogged drains at home often involves household products, for example, using baking soda and vinegar, to unclog. Also, different drain cleaning tools, such as the drain cleaning spiral, can also be useful.

How to clean a kitchen drain?2023-05-24T09:25:53+02:00

Cleaning the kitchen drain is important for grease, to remove oil and food residues, which can cause clogging. Regular cleaning helps prevent drain clogging and unpleasant odors. A combination of baking powder and hot water can be effective in dissolving grease and oil.

Why does water come back from the drain?2023-05-24T09:25:15+02:00

If the water comes back through the drain, it indicates that, that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipe system. This problem often occurs in the sink or bathroom, where water cannot flow freely through the pipes. Baking soda is a great natural cleaner, which helps dissolve grease and oil down the drain. Simply sprinkle a cup of baking soda down the drain, then pour a cup of hot water over it, and leave it on for a few minutes, before rinsing.

Why does water come up in the floor drain?2023-05-24T09:24:34+02:00

This problem usually occurs when, when the floor drain gets clogged, and the water cannot drain. This is often dirt that accumulates in the floor drain, such as hair, it occurs due to soap and other substances. The drain cleaning tools, such as the drain cleaning spiral, can be helpful in this process.

Why does water come back from the drain?2023-05-24T09:23:50+02:00

If the water comes back through the drain, it indicates, that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipe system. This problem often occurs in the sink or bathroom, where water cannot flow freely through the pipes. Liquid drain cleaners are commercial products, which are specially designed for cleaning drains. These products often contain harsh chemicals, which dissolve fat, oil and food residue down the drain.

Why is the water draining slowly from the shower tray??2023-05-24T09:23:13+02:00

This problem is often the hair, it forms due to the accumulation of soap and other substances in the shower drain. These substances slow down the flow of water, and can eventually cause clogging. Salt can help unclog the blockage. Sprinkle a cup of salt down the drain, then pour a cup of hot water over it, and leave it on for a few minutes, before rinsing.

Why is the water not draining in the sink??2023-05-24T09:16:04+02:00

This problem usually occurs when, when food remains, grease or oil accumulates in the drain, which blocks the path of water. This can cause clogging over time, which prevents water from draining. We can use baking powder to solve this problem. Simply sprinkle a cup of baking powder down the drain, then pour a cup of hot water over it, and leave it on for a few minutes, before rinsing.

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