Kerepes is a little town in Pest county, next to the Hungaroring race track, territorially it belongs to the agglomeration of the capital. The easiest way to get from Budapest is by public transport, can be approached by HÉV 8, motorists can come to the settlement on road 3. The city is surrounded by the forest-rich hills of Gödöllő, whose highest point is a 328 meters high Bolnoka.

A short history of Kerepes

Kerepes has always been a rich archaeological site, experts have been unearthing finds here since the Neolithic Age. The famous Roman rampart ran on the outskirts of the village, the Csörsz ditch, which was once built against the Sarmatians attacking from the Great Plain.

The first name of the city is one 12. mentioned in a 19th century charter, As a Kerepes ferry. Kerep refers to a type of boat popular in the Middle Ages, and the ferry to it, that there was a lot of traffic on the Szilas stream, which had even more water at that time. In the diploma II. King Géza donated the full duty of the Kerepes ferry to the Buda fraterns.

In Turkish times, like other surrounding villages, Kerepes was completely depopulated, a significant portion of its population fled to more peaceful areas. After the recapture of Buda and the expulsion of the Turks, with the help of the emperor, German settlers arrived in the village. According to the census born a few decades later, Kerepes population more, as half were German. After a short period, during the war of independence led by Ferenc Rákóczi, the community disintegrated again, then the Germans, It was inhabited by a mixed population of lakes and Hungarians. The registry was kept in these three languages ​​at the same time.

A 18. At the beginning of the 19th century, the village of Kerepes became the property of the Grassalkovich family, who also owe the construction of the imposing building of Gödöllő Castle. After the defeat of the Revolution and War of Independence in 1848-1849, the settlement became the property of the emperor. The HÉV line leading to Kerepes is a 19. in the second half of the century, 1882-was handed over, but electrification did not take place until 1911. Curiosity, that from 1978 onwards, 16 He formed a settlement with Kerepes Kistarcsa for a year, As Kerepestarcsa. Kerepes after many years of struggle, he was finally able to get official city rank in 2013.

Plumbing in Kerepes

Kerepes canal network is currently operated by Dél-Pest Megyei Víziközmű Szolgáltató Zrt. service area. The company was founded by eleven municipalities, and later ten other settlements joined it. The utility has been fully municipally owned from the beginning. As Kerepes is a popular agglomeration area, new housing estates are constantly being built, in parallel, the sewerage network needs to be expanded.

With nearly thirty years of experience, our company undertakes to perform tasks related to the canal in Kerepes. Our main areas of activity include clogging, channel camera, sewer cleaning, disinfection, the root cut, water pumping, sewer search and trail search. If necessary, special for removing blockages and cleaning the drain, high pressure woma we can use a machine. It's different from woma, with modern tools, we try to solve the problems in the channels without breaking it down.

If you live in Kerepes and have problems with the drains of your home, you may want to find out, what causes the inconvenience sewer odor in the House, or sewer degreasing would be required, we are at your disposal 24 hours a day at the contact details provided. please, to explain the nature of the problems to us in detail during the telephone consultation, so that our colleagues can arrive prepared in all respects to the scene. In most cases, the speed of arrival can only be affected by traffic conditions. Find it U.S boldly, not just the sun 24 in an hour, but also on weekends and holidays at any time!

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