The sewer can become clogged at all times and in all conditions. From, who has already experienced the complications of congestion and the upheaval that comes with it. Others are better, if they expect it: that moment will come in a person's life, when it will be necessary to resolve the emergency, that is, for clogging.

Day and night, at home and abroad, you can count on us.

It doesn't matter, where to disassemble the wire. It must be determined precisely, where the blockage is. It is a basic request of every host, that if possible, let us not make a great uproar, and breaking down a wall is a nightmare for housewives. I need a specialist here, mechanics with extensive anti-clogging experience. That's exactly what our staff is like, you can count on us at any time.

With a guarantee, precisely, to let the water flow, so as not to bump back. Clogging also occurs in houses with a closed digestion pit. Why would the sewer be different here? However, cleaning the pipeline is much more difficult in this case, since every liter of liquid, it saturates the closed pit. And if the sewage tank is full, then the sniffer can come, the money can go to sniff. I just have to say it again: professionals and state-of-the-art machinery are needed here.

In places, where the sewage system terminates in a digestion pit, a clogging során takarékoskodni kell a mosóvízzel. With little water, with high performance! That is what is needed, and we can guarantee it, to pump as little fluid as possible into the digestion pit. It must be assessed first, where the trouble may be: in which part of the sewer the blockage is located. If lucky, the location of the blockage can be determined by mechanical means. But our practice in anti-clogging says so: the blockage always occurs there, where it is difficult to access. Behind the wall, in the elbows, in underground pipelines.

The breakdown may come? "It simply came to our notice then!“It’s the wish of every host. Lots of money, significant macera, no one wants upheaval. There is an opportunity for that, to make a path to the water with a professional spiral and “roll it out, pull the dishwashing sponge or half a pair of tennis socks out of the pipe system.

Put your hand on your heart: it hasn't happened to you yet, that WC takarítás közben véletlenül elengedte a szivacsot, or just a jet of water snatched it from his hand. Sometimes we don’t notice a sock along with the wash water, pants also sneak down the drain. If we're out of luck, they can cause quite a bit. However, enough, if the sink is used as intended, the sewer is slow, but it will definitely get greasy.

That he sometimes uses abrasives? Well, come on! He thought about it, that the not very sloping, into a thin sewer, during the flow, the particles settle. Most of it is swept away by water, but there is always a little left, which the flow does not cope with. Greasing also helps: in the film-like adhering fat, small pieces of abrasive easily adhere, or just the sand from the salad, possibly about freshly picked and actually garden-grown beets. The inside diameter of the wire will become smaller and smaller, the water barely wants to drain and there is an increasing likelihood of clogging. In a bad case, half the house would have to be rummaged, to access the wire. But most of the time there is no need for that, only for professional anti-clogging.

Call me, we're going, we clean. Anywhere in the country and abroad: Also in Slovakia and Romania. We use equipment to remove the blockage, which is introduced into the pipeline under very high pressure, it shaves the dirt on the pipe wall with reality. Precisely because of the extraordinary performance, little water is needed: we do not load your sewage tank with this. We also pay attention during clogging removal, to handle the pipeline with care. Anti-clogging with warranty, until morning, also at night: you can trust us.

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