Sewer cleaning in Szigethalm

From our capital, barely 12 km from Szigethalom. The settlement, near 17 with a thousand inhabitants, it is the dominant city of the Southern Budapest agglomeration. Its current history, its development was largely determined by its favorable geographical location, since after the Second World War, many industrial plants were established in its area. Nowadays in the city close 17 thousand inhabitants live, ám Szigethalom kedvező földrajzi fekvésének és kiváló infrastruktúrájának köszönhetően továbbra is dinamikusan fejlődik.

From the Bronze Age to the New Age

As in many settlements in the area, Szigethalom has also been inhabited for thousands of years. The most ancient finds testify to that, that people lived here already in the Bronze Age. In spite of that, the history of the settlement - then still known as Tököl-Szilágyitelep - only a 19. begins in the century, this is when the first houses were built here, until then, only neighboring Tököl had permanent residents. Until the middle of the modern era, the area of ​​the settlement was used by Tököl farmers as protected pasture.

The HÉV in Ráckeve marked a big change in the life of the settlement. With that, that in 1908 Szilágyilep directly, received a fixed track connection to the capital, has become very attractive to individuals and investors. After the First World War, the development of the settlement accelerated rapidly. New industrial plants were established and many local constructions began: 1940-and Tököl airport, valamint a mellette található Dunai Repülőgépgyár is elkészült.

From independent settlement to city status

Unfortunately, precisely because of the proximity of the military installation, The Tököl-Szilágyitelep could not escape the bombings during the Second World War either. However, after the Allied victory, the Soviets restored the industrial facilities. It gave another impetus to the development of the settlement, that the Csepel Car Factory was built in 1949, which offered attractive job opportunities for those moving here. As a result of the large-scale population growth, Szilágyitelep was separated from the city of Tököl in 1950 and received the status of an independent settlement., and a year later the name of the village was changed to Szigethalom.

In less than a decade, significant infrastructural developments took place in the settlement: including a new elementary school, kindergarten, and a police office was built, and a local bus service was launched. Although due to the bankruptcy of the Szigethalm factories in the nineties, unemployment temporarily increased, by now, the city has overcome the difficulties of the times after the regime change. The population of Szigethalom is growing rapidly even today, 2004. július 1-óta a település városi rangot kapott.

From watering to rooting

In terms of sewer cleaning problems, the region is clearly defined by its proximity to the Danube, as well as the garden-city character of the region. In addition to the common sewer cleaning problems in the garden city, our specialists typically deal with flooding, and they face the problem of root ingrowth during their work. However, when they call us to Szigethalom, then according to our experience, we need to do digestive pit sniffing less often. Thanks to that, hogy a helyi vízgazdálkodási társulat 2002-re teljes körűvé tette a város csatornázottságát.

Our company provides all its customers with an efficient and long-term sewer cleaning service with satisfying results in the Szigethalom area.. If you choose us, then in exchange for fair pricing, we provide you with truly professional work. It's not an obstacle either, if it happens on a weekend or holiday blockage or flooding in your home, because our specialists are always ready for it, to solve the related problems. please, that in this case you dial our 24/7 phone number 06/20-318-1614, majd a lehető legrészletesebben számoljon be kollégánknak a blockage keletkezésének idejéről, its supposed location and cause. Depending on the time of day and our workload, our colleagues after reporting the problem 40-60 they arrive at the scene within minutes, to start the channel cleaning. Our company is located next to the town of Szigethalom in the capital, and in more than forty agglomeration settlements, he takes care of the toilet, with a sink, with digestive pit, lefolyóval kapcsolatos problémák megoldását.

Drain problems: Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a greasy drain?2023-05-24T09:27:47+02:00

Cleaning greased drains often involves the use of degreasing agents, to remove grease and oil from the drain wall. Using hot water can also help dissolve the grease and make it easier to drain.

How to clean a clogged drain at home?2023-05-24T09:27:00+02:00

Cleaning clogged drains at home often involves household products, for example, using baking soda and vinegar, to unclog. Also, different drain cleaning tools, such as the drain cleaning spiral, can also be useful.

How to clean a kitchen drain?2023-05-24T09:25:53+02:00

Cleaning the kitchen drain is important for grease, to remove oil and food residues, which can cause clogging. Regular cleaning helps prevent drain clogging and unpleasant odors. A combination of baking powder and hot water can be effective in dissolving grease and oil.

Why does water come back from the drain?2023-05-24T09:25:15+02:00

If the water comes back through the drain, it indicates that, that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipe system. This problem often occurs in the sink or bathroom, where water cannot flow freely through the pipes. Baking soda is a great natural cleaner, which helps dissolve grease and oil down the drain. Simply sprinkle a cup of baking soda down the drain, then pour a cup of hot water over it, and leave it on for a few minutes, before rinsing.

Why does water come up in the floor drain?2023-05-24T09:24:34+02:00

This problem usually occurs when, when the floor drain gets clogged, and the water cannot drain. This is often dirt that accumulates in the floor drain, such as hair, it occurs due to soap and other substances. The drain cleaning tools, such as the drain cleaning spiral, can be helpful in this process.

Why does water come back from the drain?2023-05-24T09:23:50+02:00

If the water comes back through the drain, it indicates, that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipe system. This problem often occurs in the sink or bathroom, where water cannot flow freely through the pipes. Liquid drain cleaners are commercial products, which are specially designed for cleaning drains. These products often contain harsh chemicals, which dissolve fat, oil and food residue down the drain.

Why is the water draining slowly from the shower tray??2023-05-24T09:23:13+02:00

This problem is often the hair, it forms due to the accumulation of soap and other substances in the shower drain. These substances slow down the flow of water, and can eventually cause clogging. Salt can help unclog the blockage. Sprinkle a cup of salt down the drain, then pour a cup of hot water over it, and leave it on for a few minutes, before rinsing.

Why is the water not draining in the sink??2023-05-24T09:16:04+02:00

This problem usually occurs when, when food remains, grease or oil accumulates in the drain, which blocks the path of water. This can cause clogging over time, which prevents water from draining. We can use baking powder to solve this problem. Simply sprinkle a cup of baking powder down the drain, then pour a cup of hot water over it, and leave it on for a few minutes, before rinsing.

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