There is a damaged cord in your home? You don't know where to look for the error? You want to drill a picture on the wall, but he doesn't know, whether there is a power line there? Or you are just wondering where the duct or a cable goes on your property?

Do not dig the whole plot, do not ruin the yard or pick up the cover unnecessarily! Leave us the piping, route search. We solve the trace search and the fault location. We will also tell you the exact location, if necessary, we will repair it. If the line cannot be camerad and the channel camera doesn't help either, then here is the help! With our trail finder, any plastic, metal, concrete, metal tube, We undertake to identify and trace the fault location of a live or de-energized cable with a guarantee, close 10 with an accuracy of cm.

With our time, money and last but not least, you can save a lot of energy. Our company has many years of professional experience in the field of trail definition. Using our professional industrial search appliance is not just a mistake, or the exact location of the wire or channel you are looking for, but also its exact depth can be continuously monitored. This way we can help you in advance, the depth to be searched in the foreseeable future, if you want to dig out any pipe section.

We can give an accurate picture of it in the case of sewer connections and street connections, where the sewer turns to the digester, and where to exit the building. That way you can decide exactly, where to look for the channel, or, where to dig for the duct connection!

If you don't want to dig unnecessarily, call me with confidence!


Pipeline, sewerage network, cable detector!

Made in English, The C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool XD is a well-known product in Europe and Hungary, which has three search modes, which all have a unique advantage:

1. POWER mode is most effective for detecting buried electrical cables, to locate the power cable.

2. RADIO mode detects broadcast signals, which often occur on metal pipes and cables, allowing their position, with the tracking device.

3. GENERATOR mode can be used to search for a signal directed at metal pipes and cables with the C.Scope SGV signal generator. It can also be used to receive signals excited by the C.Scope probe, thereby determining the direction of the non-metallic tubes, in both cases it displays the depth of the pipe.

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