We've written it countless times, that congestion does not only threaten the "inside" of our home, but we can certainly meet him outside. Such is the case, for example, when the channel is not blocked by calcification, the dust, wound, obsession not suitable for channel caused by things, but the roots of trees. In the case of outdoor channels, root growth is at least as much of a problem, like that, if it is not removed professionally, as this can even cause pipe breakage, the troubleshooting of which can cost our wallet hundreds of thousands of forints.

Many believe, that root growth should only be expected in the case of old concrete pipes, ám ez koránt sincs így, as newly laid pipes are also at risk. Plants can easily crawl into the gaps visible at the joints of the pipes, causing a huge mess, because the waste water in the pipes provides a nutrient-rich environment for the rapid development of plants. The root system enmeshing the pipe is then not just a blockage, but it can even cause pipe breakage.

If you notice that, that the groundwater breaks in the toilet, which mixes with waste water, don't delay, call an unclogging specialist!

Csatornák gyökértelenítése – kézi és gépi erővel


It is extremely important for us to know about prevention, where the trail lies. If we have no information about this, we ask for professional help, who establishes, where the trail is located. If the scouted trail bush along, maybe a tree is planted, be sure to remove it, thus protecting the pipes from ingrowth of roots. This can save a lot of time and money. That is also important, that if we have the opportunity, then replace the pipes PVC on pipes, with which there will be no problem with the joints, so we can avoid the problem in the future.


We show you in the video below, how to remove an ingrown root using a simple cutting tool.

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