Many people ask the question when it comes to clearing blockages, whether the insurer covers the damage event that occurred during the blockage. Then it is necessary to go around that topic first, that in the concluded home insurance contract a clogging is included, as an insured event. If yes, then the insurance service is accountable. If not, akkor érdemes szerződésbe foglalnunk a dugulás okozta károkat, as an insured event.

It is also extremely important to look at it, whether our insurance contract includes a separate plug, as an incident, for, but also, then the insurer will not cover the cost of the damage caused by the blockage. Losses due to clogging, pipe rupture, pipe cracks are covered by the insurer only and only then, if the insurance also includes compensation for water damage. It is also important to know, that the amount and frequency of the amount payable for the damage event is also limited.

Fizethet a biztosító?

When there is a problem?

Unfortunately, it’s not just small blockages that can happen in everyday life, not all blockages are so easy to remove, like clogging the sink and toilet, there may also be a need to replace the piping to clear the blockage, which is not just a breakdown, dirt, but it can even involve soaking the apartment below us, so the clogging költsége akár több millió forint is lehet.

That is why it is so important, to have a combined home insurance, which is not just the clogging covers the cost, but the pipe change, disinfection, and the cost of renovation that arises.

What to do in the event of an injury?

We must contact our insurer and documentation when an accident occurs (picture, video) we need to make up for the event, as the presentation of this may be extremely important in the future!

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