Kamerás csatornavizsgálat, színes csatornavizsgáló kamerával

A perfect sewer camera is an essential accessory when inspecting a sewer with a camera, with the help of which you can see a beautiful and high-quality image on the color monitor, since this is the only way to evaluate what was seen during the examination!
When scanning with a camera, you can get an accurate picture of the fault in the wire or any foreign objects that may be hidden.. For recurrent blockages, in any case, this service should be considered, Thus, the legitimacy of any complaint can also be established.

For many years, we have developed and manufactured them in several sizes, replaceable additional test heads, thanks to which we can test wires from up to 20mm in diameter. Sink, sink, we can also perform a camera inspection of the floor drain, however, a different device is required in each case. A WC or the examination of the external spinal cord, we must also examine the drain with a larger device.

During sewer inspection with a camera, the inspected pipes can be drinking water, sewage or any section or pipeline to be tested.

They may be in terms of material, metals or plastics, concrete, eternit, granite… etc., there is no such wire for us, which we could not examine.

Larger industrial sections are examined with a self-propelled camera, it is already able to examine the slope angle of the line underground. A report and a slope diagram are also prepared on the site of the camera channel inspection.

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