Nowadays, the most important factor is sewer systems nothing else in connection with the construction of, such as the use of quality raw materials. In our article today, we take a look at one of the most popular and reliable ingredients, KG PVC pipes, and we will tell, why you should choose this material, if we want to create a truly energy efficient home.

What is KG PVC pipe?

KG PVC pipe is no different, like a free gravity drain plastic pipe, as its name suggests. KG comes from a German word, from the kunststoffgrundwasserrohr, which means groundwater pipe. And PVC is a plastic, abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride.

The surface of KG PVC pipes is marked with the pipe parameters, the name of the manufacturing company, the nominal diameter, the ring stiffness, the wall thickness, the raw material and manufacturing standard of the pipe, as well as the number of production shifts, so we can say that we have an easy choice to make, since we will find all the necessary information for it, to choose the right pipes.

Area of ​​application

Its field of application is very diverse, it can be used outside and inside the house, both underground and suspended. KG PVC pipes are ideal for industrial and household also for use. In addition to drainage, they are often used in the film industry, they also stand in place on various obstacle courses and as ventilation ducts.

PVC pipes perform excellently in most cases when draining rainwater and sewage, but there is no harm in taking such factors into account when using them, such as industrial pressure, or the appropriate temperature, as these can easily damage the ring fit.

Minden, amit a KG PVC csövekről tudni érdemes


PVC pipes have great resilience, as they have unparalleled resistance to cleaning agents, to salt water, for ultraviolet radiation, for various acidic and alkaline liquids, alcohol, sulphates and several toxic gases.


The popularity of KG PVC pipes is not only due to their many uses, but also in it, that they are extremely easy to assemble. The pipes must be fitted with fittings and secured with retaining rings.

These are the qualities, which is why it is really worth voting for KG PVC pipes, if you want to create an energy efficient home.

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