A sewage pump is a device, for which maintenance is recommended at least every six months. If this process is done regularly, we can save a lot of money with it, since a cleaning is much cheaper, and a degreasing, as if a major blockage might necessitate a replacement in the device. You wouldn't even think, however, our transfer pump is continuous, we can do a lot for our proper functioning, thereby increasing its service life.

A szennyvíz átemelő szivattyú karbantartása, javításalifting pump before maintenance

Let's see, what to look out for:

  • Avoid depositing fat as much as possible, thereby minimizing the chance of failure, for example, do not pour used oil into the WC-be, down the drain, do not throw away food scraps, because they are insoluble in water, and are deposited! To avoid this, if any oily substance has entered, you can try using degreasers at home, accompanied by plenty of hot water.

  • Do not throw foreign things into the toilet! We check regularly, whether the toilet deodorant was accidentally introduced into the toilet!

  • Be sure to entrust maintenance to a qualified technician, by no means do we want to do this ourselves, as professionals solve maintenance in a few simple steps, obsession, if necessary service.

The maintenance process:

  1. A duguláselhárító specialist először az átemelő aknát takarítja ki.

  1. In the second step, you clean the sewage pump, then scan, what can cause the problem, which prevents the device from working properly,

  1. then degrease the rubber cable, and the float switch:

Degreasing is a very important part of maintenance, as well as a step, which, if we try to solve it with homework practices, it can do more damage to our system, as a benefit. Homework practices can only be effective in one situation, and then, when only the siphon is clogged. We can control the siphon ourselves, and homework practices we can do a lot for it ourselves, to be in good condition. In case, if we detect it, that the pump is also clogged, then you must act professionally, which can only be performed by a specialist!

  1. and finally sets the switch, to be operational, and work continuously.

Ha mi, professionals will detect a malfunction during maintenance, degreasing and maintenance are performed immediately, this protects the device from further damage.

A szennyvíz átemelő szivattyú karbantartása, javításatransfer pump after maintenance

What can happen, if no blockage causes the transfer pump to fail?

Unfortunately, this can happen, that the failure is not caused by a blockage, but our troubles are gathered with rodents, as rats can also chew through live cables.

What's happening, if you have to deal with the sludge in addition to the fat deposits?

Anti-clogging professionals are also prepared for this problem, and they can remove sludge deposits in addition to fat deposits extremely quickly and efficiently, using cleaning machines, which operate with adjustable water pressure. This solution is usually very effective, however, such a case may occur, when hard, solids must be removed from the line. In this case, the craftsmen use interchangeable heads, are planted clogging during, which is found to be suitable depending on the degree and location of clogging. If they are dealing with more serious congestion, then the sniffing car will also be used.

Remember, you and my team can call me brightly when the sewage pump is clogged 24 at 0620 / 318-1614, or write an email to [email protected] email address, and we get out after a short consultation, and we guarantee the removal of the blockage! Visit me my web pages, where up-to-date information on the subject can be found, and our additional services. On my website a exit areas are also available, so it can be viewed at any time, in which areas we perform anti-clogging. Finally, but not least, follow instagram a dugulaselharitas_budapest username!

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