ipari-tisztitokSewer odor, there is an unbearable stench in the apartment? He doesn't know, what to do against sewer odor?

Nowadays, more and more places are complaining, that although they moved into a new apartment, yet when they go home canal smell, an unbearable stench hits their noses. The atmosphere of a pleasant home becomes an unpleasant realm, where we would be reluctant. Bittering everyday life, more and more nervousness, our annoyance will be in our beautiful new family nest. Chemical treatments do not work either, at best, we get some results for a few days. We are waiting, when we can go, just don’t feel that stench at work. Meanwhile, the thought turns in everyone's mind, that this is how to live life in this canal smell?

But what could be the smell of this sewer?? What could be the cause of this stench? What can you do about sewer odor?

There can be countless reasons! In most cases, the installation of the air intake valve and the channel ventilation does not solve the problem either, it is not even the solution! The stench can only come out of the system, if it is not closed! So there's an opening in it! It's not just your goal, so that you don't smell it, but to keep its sewage system closed. If not closed, it leaves a free path for bacteria, and the risk of infection. The well-developed sewage network is closed, the system is only open if the odor traps are installed in the correct position.

In many cases, the location of the sewer odor can be detected by inserting some demolition work.. Természetesen nem a bathroom vagy a konyha burkolatát kell felszedni, I was just thinking of dismantling the fittings, while taking care, so that nothing breaks. The fittings are getting prettier, more design, carried within, that they are becoming more fragile. Nowadays, there are devices, which are very difficult to dismantle without their own special key. That is why a specialist is needed, who has experienced and already done such a thing.

It can detect sewer odor 5 minute, but it can even be the result of several days of work. It also takes some luck to detect sewer odor. There have already been examples, that the fault was upstairs, however, the canal odor was most intense at the ground floor entrance. The owner smashed the entire hallway, also the walls and cladding, a probléma végül mindössze 1500Ft-ból megoldódott.

What can you do about sewer odor?

Try inspecting the joints between the wall and the fittings. There are times when there is trouble. Call us to inspect the wire in the wall, unfortunately you don't know what to do with it, he doesn't see it.

To that, to make you feel really good in your home, have a good sense of comfort, if you smell unpleasant in your home, sewer cleaning specialist call to resolve the issue! Our company has many years of experience in the field of sewer elimination.


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